Embedded System Solutions


Building high-performance embedded products that function just as ideated!


Wireless Power Modules


Multi-device, wireless, fast charging on the Go


Certified Bluetooth Modules (KT1020 BLE)


Quick, seamless connectivity with lesser power consumption


Single Board Computer (Skate – 212: Qualcomm R)


Accelerate Development of High-Performance, Low Power Consumption Devices


Intelligent Transport Management System


Gain insights into transport infrastructure to reduce cost, prevent accidents, and manage travel time


Water Distribution Management System


Granular visibility into water distribution inconsistencies, ensuring streamlined water supply


Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System


Data-driven, real-time monitoring of vehicles for efficient fleet management


InSemi’s Embedded System Solutions enable organizations to transform an idea into an innovative product reducing the cost and time-to-market.

We provide end-to-end embedded software development services like firmware, BSP, middleware, Linux, device drivers, and bootloader development; hardware design services like multilayer PCB and FPGA-based hardware design.

Our dedicated and proficient team has vast experience directing architectures for both ARM & X86. Additionally, it is acknowledged for working with various microcontrollers. The team assures reliability and quality while delivering Embedded System Design services for Storage, Automotive, Networking, and Consumer applications.

InSemi Technologies majorly aims to decode this complex software and hardware technology amalgam to deliver robust, high performance, and innovative products thus helping you gain a significant competitive advantage.

What We Do


Insemi's industry experts engage in a well-defined discussion with you to get a full understanding of your product requirements. We conduct open-ended discussions and stakeholder interviews to outline business goals, define scope and schedule, review existing infrastructure, etc.


The success of product engineering relies on how we innovate. At InSemi, we take your idea to market after continuous research and development. We even help you in idea generation, idea evaluation, and concept development through internal brainstorming, competitor analysis, surveys, and feasibility studies.


The designing phase is the leading step after extensive research, where we have a solution to the problem which needs to be composed in the form of a Principle design. Here we work on architecture designing, major component composition designing, UX designing, rapid prototyping, and design verification.


Leveraging our partner ecosystem, we finally transform the idea into a fully functional product. Combining our expertise in product strategy, production innovation, and product design, we develop/manufacture deploy-ready, error-free designs into sustainable products. Here we focus on hardware design, mechanical design, thermal design, etc.

Our Service Offerings

Board Design

  • Schematics and PCB Layout Designing
  • Technical Feasibility Analysis
  • BoM Cost Feasibility Analysis
  • Thermal Simulation
  • Pre & Post Layout Signal Integrity Analysis
  • Reliability Analysis – FMEA, MTBF Prediction
  • PCB fabrication, Assembly, and Testing
  • Board Bring-up
  • Validation Tests
  • Design Verification Tests
  • EMI/ EMC and Regulatory Certifications Management
  • Production Handover & Support

Embedded Software Design & Development

  • Embedded Software Development on RTOS / Linux
  • Architecture Design
  • Embedded UI Designs
  • Programming
    • Assembly Level Programming
    • C / Embedded C / C++
  • Manual Testing & Test Automation
  • Custom Integrations
  • API-based Integrations
  • Performance Tuning
  • Software Maintenance

Firmware Design

  • Board Support Packages Development (ARM & x86)
    • Boot Loader Development
    • Device Driver Development
  • Baremetal Firmware Development
  • Firmware Validation (Manual and Automated)
  • Assembly Level Programming
  • Embedded C / C
  • OS Migration
  • Feature Innovation & Enhancement
  • Protocol Stack Integration
  • Automated Production Testing
  • Manual Production Testing

FPGA/ASIC Verification and Validation

  • Test Plan Creation
  • Test Bench Architecture
  • Test Bench Design & Development
  • Test Case Execution
  • Multi-level Verification
  • Assertion based Verification
  • Code Coverage
  • Functional Coverage
  • Scripting / Script Development
  • VHDL/Verilog/System Verilog/UVM/OVM based services

Mechanical Design

  • Thermal Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Concept Drawing to Format Conversion
  • Enclosure Design
  • Rapid Prototyping

FPGA Design

  • End-to-End FPGA based Designs using Devices ranging from Low-density CPLDs to Multi-million gate FPGAs/ SOCs.
  • RTL and Test Bench Design (Verilog/VHDL)
  • Platform Migration
  • IP Core Development
  • API based 3rd party IP Core Integration
  • Functional and Timing Simulation
  • Glue Logic Synthesis
  • FPGA based ASIC Prototyping

How We Transform – Idea to High-Performance Product

We help you drive innovation with utmost precision. Our dedicated team of experts can drive embedded product projects end-to-end with complete ownership or can augment your team no matter where you are in the product development journey and drive it to realize a viable product.

Plug n Play Solutions

Wireless Power Modules

Our best-in-class WIRELESS POWERED MODULES will help you speed up time to market and build solutions from 5W to 15W


Certified Bluetooth Modules

Our CERTIFIED BLUETOOTH MODULES reduce the time, risk, and cost of wireless development


Single Board Computers

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 212 powered SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER


Intelligent Transport Management System

ITMS solution is designed to optimize travel times and hence fuel consumption


Water Distribution Management System

WDMS aims to provide visibility and accountability of every drop of water


Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System

A fully integrated vehicle tracking and monitoring system


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