Data Privacy Policy

“InSemi Technology Services Private Limited” and its subsidiaries, (collectively referred to as “InSemi”, “us”, “we”, “our”) respect Privacy of ‘individuals’ from whom we collect Personally Identifiable Information (“Pll”) and is committed to process Pll in a manner so as to ensure compliance with all applicable privacy and data protection laws and contractual requirements.

We shall, except otherwise required or permitted by law- 

  1. Collect, generate, process Pll only to the extent necessary for a fair and lawful purpose, and such processing shall be based on one of the following lawful bases of processing:
  2. legitimate business interest
  3. consent of the data subject  
  4. performance of a contract
  5. compliance with legal obligations
  6. protect vital interest of the individual, where applicable
  • Process PII primarily for purposes related to pre-employment, staff administration, sales and marketing, IT services and security, and for client project delivery
  • Process PII for various business purposes, including for financial incentive programs, where InSemi is a data controller for clients
  • Provide notice to, or obtain consent from individuals prior to collection and processing of Pll, in conformity with applicable legal and regulatory requirement(s)
  • Keep the personal data accurate
  • Implement appropriate technical, organizational and administrative measures in order to meet the requirements of applicable regulations or contracts, protect rights of data subjects and to safeguard Pll against unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or loss
  • Embed privacy by design into our processes and solution development.
  • Deploy appropriate safeguards applicable for international transfers of PII
  • Take into consideration privacy aspects while undertaking electronic monitoring and surveillance
  • Take into account additional data privacy aspects such as explainability, ‘bias avoidance’ and ‘human in the loop’ as appropriate and as practicable, when using AI as part of personal data processing
  • Not disclose Pll except where such disclosure is required by applicable law or by the contractual requirements.
  • Transfer PII to an external entity only to fulfil legitimate business interest or contractual purpose or with individual’s consent, and such transfers will be conditional on making DP obligations contractually binding on the external entity
  • Make provision, for individuals to exercise their rights with regard to processing of their Pll, as applicable
  • Not retain Pll or de-identify it, when no longer required
  • Be transparent to individuals about privacy practices and processes
  • As a data processor, process client provided PlI, only as per clients’ instructions, contract and  applicable regulatory requirements
  • Ensure that staff is committed to protect the confidentiality of PII and are made aware of their responsibility to not use or process PII for any purpose other than those authorized and contractually agreed.

We shall appoint a Data Privacy Officer (DPO) and provide necessary authority and resources to DPO to ensure compliance on Data Privacy and to cooperate with DP authorities in countries where required.

Chief Compliance Officer, InSemi Technology