Intelligent Transport Management System

Gain insights into transport infrastructure to reduce cost, prevent accidents, and manage travel time


Intelligent Transport Management system (ITMS) adds purposeful technology to digitize the transport infrastructure and vehicles with a focus on improving safety, reliability, accountability, efficiency, and quality of the entire infrastructure. ITMS solution is designed to optimize travel times and hence fuel consumption thus providing greener and safer transportation. ITMS solutions are not just limited to road transport but also include other domains such as railways, aviation, and maritime as well.

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Fleet Management and Tracking

  • Digitise fleet management
  • Accurate Live Tracking
  • Stops monitoring
  • Vehicle Idling
  • Compliance document management with renewal reminders

Route Planning & Optimisation

  • Manual & Bulk route creation
  • Geo-Clustering based route optimization
  • Provision to enforce stops, order of stops, wait time and ETA


  • Restrict vehicle misuse by restricting to a Geofence
  • Location-based automatic trip start and end
  • Arrival and departure event

Alert Management System

  • Panic
  • Breakdown or Accident
  • Over-speed
  • Trip Adherence

Trip scheduling and rostering

  • Demand-driven dynamic trip scheduling
  • Trip scheduling focused on fleet efficiency and utilization

Reports and Analytics

  • Leader Boards – Safety, Time & Trip adherence ratings
  • Historical Trends – Speed, Daily Distance, Active vehicles, Alerts
  • Actionable Reports – Daily alert report, Trip reports, Fuel efficiency reports
  • Predictive Insights – Fleet utilization & efficiency, Driver coaching, route optimization



  • In-Vehicle CCTV
  • Video wall to monitor at NOC
  • NFC/RFID based authorization


  • In-vehicle and at stop
  • Display & Audio


  • Ticket Vending machines
  • Automatic Fare collection systems
  • Access control using turnstile


  • Fully connected & digitized Fleet
  • Information-rich management
  • Improved Safety
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Lower operational costs