Water Distribution Management System

Granular visibility into water distribution inconsistencies, ensuring streamlined water supply


Water distribution management system (WDMS) aims to provide visibility and accountability of every drop of water.

Water distribution management system (WDMS) aims to provide visibility and accountability of every drop of water. WDMS solution recognizes there are many stakeholders when it comes to water management and aims at creating a community and bringing them all under one umbrella. This includes consumers, village local bodies, private transporters, drivers, water department officials at the district and state level, etc.

WDMS solutions aim to cover all the distribution channels including tankers and over-head tanks (OHT) & sumps. The solution aims to provide insights to highlight exploits & non-adherence which can be acted upon sternly. It also helps recognize and reward the stakeholders involved in the distribution of water for compliance, transparency, and trustworthiness.

Problems It Can Address

  • Extremes – Dry or flooded rivers due to inconsistent rains
  • Arid Areas – Taps & tanks run dry because they do not get allotted water
  • Lack of Accountability & Visibility – Distribution depends heavily on private transporters and suffers from a lack of visibility and exploits.
  • Rich Vs Poor – Inequality, a persistent problem in water distribution
  • Water Purity – Contaminated Wells and Ponds end up being used due to lack of drinking water via distribution channel.


  • VTMS – Fleet Management and Tracking
  • Route Planning
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Alert Management System
  • Trip Scheduling and Rostering
  • Over Head Tank & Sump Management
  • Live Flow & Level Tracking
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Consumer Help Desk
  • Mobile Apps for Drivers, Admins & Consumers

Solution Components

IT + IoT

The right mix of IoT sensors and software to monitor the most valuable natural resource


Leveraging ML & AI to continuously analyze emerging data to generate business insights to counter the anomalies and exploits

Layered Solution

Solution honors the fact that water management involves many stakeholders at different levels providing focused user experience and data

Mobile Workflow

Complete mobile workflow enabling M-Governance


  • Fully Connected and Digitized Distribution Channels
  • Information Rich Management
  • Data-driven Rating System for Performance Management of all Stakeholders
  • End to End Accountability
  • Optimized Operational Costs
  • Complete Mobile Workflow