Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System

Data-driven, real-time monitoring of vehicles for efficient fleet management


A fully integrated vehicle tracking, and monitoring system is the best investment to manage your fleet from start to end. The fleet and the transportation it provides are the backbones of any business and hence our VTMS solution aims to effectively streamline your business. Using the best available GPS hardware in collaboration with secure, robust, and purposeful software, our VTMS solution clearly stands apart in the competitive VTMS market.

As a standalone solution, VTMS can help evolve your business into a smart digital business ready for effective integrations making your business future-proof. With the world evolving into a connected, mobile-friendly, and data-driven ecosystem with our VTMS solution your business will have all needed boxes checked to actively participate in such an ecosystem. Our VTMS solution is also designed for easy integration and hence can support a wide variety of extended use-cases.

Industries We Cater


Digitized fleet management

  • Evolve and move away from the use of pen & paper for fleet management
  • Intuitive and customizable dashboard for easy and effective administration
  • Admin Mobile Application available as an add-on to manage fleet over mobile
  • Vehicle and Driver Scoring/Rating system for performance management

Accurate Live Tracking

  • Real-time location of each vehicle and trip progress available 24×7
  • Fleet view to have a bird’s eye view of entire view
  • Best in class location accuracy (within 3 meters or higher)

Stops & Vehicle Idling monitoring

  • Accurate information on all stops and vehicle idling is tracked and stored
  • Provides reports and alerts to drive operational efficiency and reduce costs

Alert and Incident Management

  • Auto-generate alerts when it comes to any incidents
  • Panic button activation, overspeed, extended stop, inefficient vehicle idling & route deviation alerts
  • Provision for historical and trend reports for alerts and incidents

Wide GPS Device Support

  • Supports all popular GPS hardware solutions
  • New GPS hardware adaption possible
  • Supports AIS 140 GPS device protocols

Compliance Document Management

  • Store and manage all fleet-related documents in a digital repository
  • Automated reminders to avoid missed renewals and expiry
  • Easy compliance report generation for audits

Customisable and Extendable

  • Fit for logistics, employee mobility, student mobility, etc.
  • Fit-for-purpose customization possible
  • Solution can interface with other solutions or modules to extend the scope to ITMS, WDMS, Mining Management, Solid Waste Management, etc.

Reports and Analytics

  • Leader boards – Safety, Time adherence ratings
  • Historical trends – Speed, Daily Distance, Active vehicles, Alerts
  • Actionable reports – Daily alert report, Fuel efficiency reports
  • Predictive insights – Fleet utilization & efficiency, Driver coaching

Flexible Deployment models

  • Dedicated deployment on in-premise IT resources
  • Dedicated deployment on cloud IT resources
  • Subscription model on shared cloud IT resources


  • Fully connected & digitized Fleet
  • Information-rich management
  • Improved Safety
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Lower operational costs
  • End to End Mobile workflow