InSemi Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. – the semiconductor design and embedded solutions provider, which is now a group of 1000+ technology specialists around the globe, is not only on an expansion spree but is also dedicated to providing the most spectacular results. A key step in this regard is their partnership with the California-based EDA specialist – Ausdia!

Ausdia Inc. is an EDA software company renowned for its innovative solutions in the STA and Timing constraints domain. Their modern approach for the STA, chip integration and Physical Design teams facilitates immense productivity gains across the design flow, translating into shorter TTM and significant savings in design costs. Ausdia Inc. boasts a host of competitive technologies and a combined experience of more than 6 decades in EDA development and chip engineering methodologies. Their flagship platform TimevisionTM dominates the timing constraints market and is successfully deployed in signoff flows at several major semicon companies. TimevisionTM provides a comprehensive solution to generate and validate timing constraints that correlate with static timing analysis engines to ensure design correctness. The platform empowers both the STA engineers and the RTL designers for better productivity and also assists the implementation engineers. Most importantly, it identifies critical bugs related to timing constraints, preventing silicon re-spins that cost millions of dollars.

InSemi is a one-stop destination for semicon design, embedded solutions, and software development & testing. Team InSemi is dedicated to empowering the digital infrastructure of tomorrow. With a mission to create and integrate advanced, innovative products with our thorough understanding of the electronics value chain, since its inception in 2013, InSemi has been the market leader in semiconductor designs.

The partnership of two semicon leaders joining forces is a new innovative path – not only in the Indian landscape but at the global level as well – and is expected to significantly strengthen the service offerings of InSemi.